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We are offering a classified ads system. The service can be implemented in the countries presented on the map.

The system is designed for business customers, to promote in particular small and local businesses.

We operate the system as a whole and you can concentrate on the content of your website. You can make a profit by implementing the system which will increase a traffic on your site.

There are only 4 categories of announcements: jobs, real estate, services and miscellaneous.

The main features of the system:

- adding regular ads is free of charge
- only the first registration is paid. The cost of registration is the price of one SMS. We do it in order to verify the sender's phone number.
- one ad may describe only one offer (one job offer, one property, one service, one object and one location).

Ads of the content that goes beyond this definition shall be treated as an advertisement and may be blocked.

Advertising, or promotion of more than one job, more than one property, more than one service, and more than one type of product is subject to a fee.

- all ads are subject to post moderation.
- ads infringing generally accepted rules will be removed.
- we do not accept any racial and erotic ads.

The language of the service is English.


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